Heat pumps/ammonia/dispatch/flexibility/nature markets & focus on Pereskovite

22nd March 2024

The campaigns aimed at discrediting anything to do with the energy transition seem to have stepped up a gear, which is disappointing. Our small contribution to the fightback starts with the lengthy list of corrections to the misinformation surrounding heat pumps. I realise that some people have had underwhelming experiences with them, but that does … Read More

Wave & tidal power/SMR reactors/calcium looping/green ammonia & focus on e-fuels

9th February 2024

COMPANY NEWS Brookfield raises $10B for latest energy transition fundBrookfield Asset Management announced this week it had secured $10 billion for its latest energy transition fund in its first close. The firm said it will continue to raise money for the fund until Q3 of this year.The clean energy investor — which has over $850 … Read More

Batteries/solar/wind/heat pumps/DRS/SMR & focus on EV charging

2nd February 2024

Focus is on EV charging this week. Whilst compiling it I got to wondering about whether the public charging network and charger availability is keeping up with EV ownership. I am guessing that quite a percentage of readers own an EV. My sense is that there is more competition for charger time than there was … Read More

Heat pumps/nuclear/interconnectors/electrolyzer/magma chambers

12th January 2024

Welcome to Titbits 2024. To use a corny football commentators expression “this one could go either way”. The energy transition is now into territory where a draw doesn’t cut it any more. One thing that can be guaranteed, however, is that most weeks Titbits will continue to provide carefully curated news in bite-size chunks UK … Read More

Biogas/heat pumps/fusion/geothermal & focus on EU & UK ETS

15th September 2023

Looking at the selections this week, two kinds of innovation are featured: First are the “out of the box thinking” type such as the burying of biomass and the fracking energy storage. The second is the Government sponsoring the long term ambitions of the fusion industry, and trying to pick winners. COMPANY NEWS AstraZeneca Partners … Read More

Airship/recycled steel/heat pumps & focus on next gen solar

1st September 2023

I hope that in times to come it will be seen as one of the scandals of our age that governments continued to subsidise fossil fuels even though they were well aware of the damage to climate and health. COMPANY NEWS Octopus acquires Shell EnergyShell has reached an agreement to divest its home energy businesses, … Read More