Rewilding/3D-printing/ocean cleanup/sodium batteries & focus on blue forests

3rd March 2023

Regular readers will see that battery tech stories are pretty frequent here, which points to the ongoing battles to continue to deliver more powerful and more cost effective batteries. The exponential growth prospects for EV’s and energy storage depend on this. One approach is to develop batteries like the sodium-ion one, below, that avoid the … Read More

Second life batteries/green jobs/fusion/CLT/low carbon cement

2nd December 2022

In another sign that sanity is slowly returning to this country it is encouraging to hear that the Environment Secretary has confirmed that the Environmental Land Management scheme will start to roll out as originally planned next year. Not a moment too soon. COMPANY NEWS Ineos in talks with Rolls-Royce to build mini-nuclear power plantIneos, … Read More

Busses/UK solar/heat pumps/chemicals/LNG/wave power & focus on COP27

11th November 2022

I suppose that any revolution has its casualties, but it is still sad to see electric van pioneer Arrival join BritishVolt in the intensive care ward. COMPANY NEWS Equinor and Hitachi Energy formalise collaborationEnergy company Equinor and technology company Hitachi Energy have signed a strategic collaboration agreement. It includes developing standardised base designs for transmission … Read More

tidal/solar tiles/China & focus on heat pumps

28th March 2022

So, we have survived the Spring Statement, which could have been better but could have been worse. Now we need to see some proper green initiatives with money backing them from the Energy Security Strategy. Now that we can get loans and zero VAT for domestic heat pumps, I thought a quick buyers guide might … Read More

EfW waste heat/heat pumps/long duration storage/wireless charging & focus on offshore wind transmission

11th March 2022

This week we have all the elements of a complete zero-carbon package: Offshore wind, long term storage, hydrogen, heat pumps, plastics recycling, methane abatement. Look no further Company news Sony and Honda discuss alliance to build EVsHonda and Sony announced that they’re exploring the possibility of entering a joint venture for developing and building electric … Read More

heat pumps/carbon capture/carbonomics & focus on LFP vs Li-ion batteries

19th November 2021

Telstra story is interesting. I hope that Telco’s moving into energy services is more successful than their move into media twenty years ago Company news Morrisons acquires ‘significant stake’ in soft plastics plantMorrisons said the plant in Fife has an “initial capacity” of 15,000 tonnes and will process hard-to-recycle soft plastic – including chocolate wrappers, … Read More

Offshore wind/heat pumps/affordable EVs and focus on methane leaks

30th April 2021

The Trump years created such an air of despondency within the environmental industries that we felt that it would take years to recover the lost ground. Team Biden seem to be doing a great job of helping lift the gloom by moving quickly to reverse the harmful legislation and doing so with a purpose. Company … Read More

heat pumps/beaches and oceans/incineration & focus on battery projects

9th April 2021

I seem to have run into a lot of sea related news this week, possibly driven by the controversial documentary on Netflix called Seaspiracy. I haven’t seen it yet but it has stirred up strong emotions. George Monbiot and others have praised it for pointing the finger towards the real mass killers of the sea, … Read More

hydrogen busses/heat pumps/small nuclear/bladeless wind

26th March 2021

Titbits is very much in touch with this week’s political zeitgeist: praising Chinese architects and criticising the new coal investments. UK news Wrightbus to get £11.2m for hydrogen-fuel technologyThe Ballymena-based bus manufacturer, Wrightbus, is to receive £11.2m from the government to develop hydrogen-fuel technology.It is one of three UK firms to be awarded funding, with … Read More