Primary fund raising

LANCEA provides a wide spectrum of fund raising services ranging from full “hands-on” assistance to more limited marketing assignments or pure advisory work

Whether we are acting on behalf of a manager investing in private or public markets, there are features common to all fundraisings typically present:


LANCEA provides strategic advice that encompasses the positioning, organisational, structural and performance characteristics required by institutional and other investors, as well as an objective perspective on the current fundraising environment.


Pre-marketing commences with a comprehensive due diligence exercise. This is intended to endorse the investment strategy, analyse the competitive positioning of the fund, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team and to identify the issues that would be of concern to investors. At the same time, LANCEA will interact with selected investors to obtain initial feedback on the investment proposition.


During the pre-marketing process, LANCEA assists in the preparation of institutionally robust marketing and due diligence materials, and will advise on terms and conditions. We shall also help coach clients on presentation delivery.


To make fund raising as cost effective and efficient as possible, LANCEA compiles a list of suitable potential investors and qualifies them by likelihood of investing through direct communication. After an investor meeting, LANCEA will follow up the introduction by seeking accurate, candid feedback, resolving issues as they arise, maintaining the profile of the client at the investor level and facilitating additional communication between the parties, thereby guiding both parties during the due diligence and approval processes.

Closing and Investor Relations

If required, LANCEA can assist in the negotiations of the constitutional documents, advise on issues related to allocation, and help co-ordinate the closing process. Thereafter, we can help in investor relations during the lifetime of the fund, providing up to date market intelligence and advising the fund manager on issues as they arise.

We also assist investors and potential investors to keep abreast of developments and, in the case of private market funds, preparing the ground for the next fund.