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Environmental Titbits
January 27, 2023

Elms/German coal & solar/BESS/GESS/electric truck charging & focus on the voluntary carbon market

This week Tesla announced price cuts of about 20% on most of its vehicles in […]
Environmental Titbits
January 25, 2023

DRS/UK Net Zero Review/vanadium flow batteries & focus on long term energy storage

Re-reading this week’s ‘bits, it occurs to me that if the Government were to implement […]
Environmental Titbits
January 13, 2023

Solar thermal/rooftop solar/HVO/methane/volcano/perovskite solar

COMPANY NEWS UK solar innovator Naked Energy continues European expansion with new partnershipsBritish solar thermal […]
Environmental Titbits
January 6, 2023

hydrogen hubs/CES/solar prices/electrolysis & focus on BNEF review of 2022

Encouraging to start the year with record levels of wind generation in the UK. Good […]
Environmental Titbits
December 8, 2022


Here are all of the weekly EV of the Week posts for 2022, most are […]
Environmental Titbits
December 2, 2022

Second life batteries/green jobs/fusion/CLT/low carbon cement

In another sign that sanity is slowly returning to this country it is encouraging to […]
Environmental Titbits
November 25, 2022

Cathodes/geothermal/ev charging/CO2 battery/wetlands & focus on tidal power

If the objective is to confuse us, they have certainly succeeded. Which leading member of […]
Environmental Titbits
November 18, 2022

AD/battery/ammonia/floating wind & focus on COP27

COP27 continues to debate the EU’s late arriving proposal on a loss and damage fund, […]
Environmental Titbits
November 11, 2022

Busses/UK solar/heat pumps/chemicals/LNG/wave power & focus on COP27

I suppose that any revolution has its casualties, but it is still sad to see […]
Environmental Titbits
October 28, 2022

agrivoltaics/district heating/plant based protein/Barcelona Bicibus

I had hoped to report plenty of good news on renewables coming from our new […]
Environmental Titbits
October 21, 2022

battery optimisation/solar/solid state batteries & focus on Sweden

Enjoy a few minutes of politics free reading COMPANY NEWS Lloyds is UK’s first bank […]
Environmental Titbits
October 14, 2022

hemp/floating wind/Greece/concrete & focus on Singapore

Jacob Rees-Mogg had a lot to say about renewables this week, and was accused of […]
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