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Environmental Titbits
May 3, 2024

Batteries/grid/plastics/regenerative agriculture & focus on long-term storage

It would seem that, from this week’s stories, the network companies have been listening to […]
Environmental Titbits
April 30, 2024

DRS/Beijing Auto Show/interconnectors/mCDR/batteries & focus on EU offshore wind

I would recommend listening to Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell’s recent interview with Dieter Helm, […]
Environmental Titbits
April 19, 2024

Batteries/geothermal/Olympics/cellulosic ethanol & focus on politics & economics

The “threat” posed to the west by Chinese EV’s and other new energy products seems […]
Environmental Titbits
April 5, 2024

Green hydrogen/geothermal/CCUS/city EV’s and focus on flexibility

When all else in the world is failing, it is comforting to know that we […]
Environmental Titbits
March 22, 2024

Heat pumps/ammonia/dispatch/flexibility/nature markets & focus on Pereskovite

The campaigns aimed at discrediting anything to do with the energy transition seem to have […]
Environmental Titbits
March 13, 2024

Linear generators/zonal pricing/trees/offshore wind/magma & focus on electric HGV’s

It is disappointing that Shell have “adjusted” their energy transition goals, even if it really […]
Environmental Titbits
March 8, 2024

Thin-film solar/water source heat pumps/CfD/ecocide/EV charging & focus on Wave Energy

It requires a pretty deep dig to find any green bits in the budget: some […]
Environmental Titbits
March 1, 2024

Battery recycling/capacity market/regenerative agriculture & focus on Superheroes of the Transition

I can’t think of how many times, often when you least expect it, that I […]
Environmental Titbits
February 23, 2024

Heat networks/floating wind/deep sea geothermal/microwave storage & focus on repowering wind farms

Headlines this week that it is raining in Antarctica should re-affirm that what we talk […]
Environmental Titbits
February 9, 2024

Wave & tidal power/SMR reactors/calcium looping/green ammonia & focus on e-fuels

COMPANY NEWS Brookfield raises $10B for latest energy transition fundBrookfield Asset Management announced this week […]
Environmental Titbits
February 2, 2024

Batteries/solar/wind/heat pumps/DRS/SMR & focus on EV charging

Focus is on EV charging this week. Whilst compiling it I got to wondering about […]
Environmental Titbits
January 26, 2024

BECCS/nuclear/low-emission steel/tar sands & focus on geothermal energy

Least surprising news of the week: Hinkley Point C nuclear project is behind schedule and […]
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