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Environmental Titbits
June 2, 2023

Regenerative agriculture/Qilin battery/stellarators/LiDAR & focus on Biofilic Design

Lancea LLP has worked with Regenerate Asset Management so are delighted to see the announcement […]
Environmental Titbits
May 26, 2023

Rooftop solar/heat pumps/hydrogen/biofuels/mushrooms & focus on flow batteries

There is a place in the Net Zero world for each of these three: CCS, […]
Environmental Titbits
May 19, 2023

interconnectors/green hydrogen/perennial grain/CO2 capture & focus on battery swapping

There are a number of countries who are well placed to become major exporters, the […]
Environmental Titbits
May 12, 2023

Lidar/flexibility/wind/bacteria/hot rocks thermal & focus on the Supreme Court

Life in the UK can hardly get more exciting: a coronation one weekend, the Eurovision […]
Environmental Titbits
May 5, 2023

Grid connections/FFR/electrified road & focus on IRA

This newsletter peddles many and various stories, but none as big as the Inflation Reduction […]
Environmental Titbits
April 28, 2023

UK-Morocco cable/EV fires/solar & battery/hot rocks/Shanghai Auto Show & focus on UK energy transition

The top two stories suggest that there is a reasonable secondary market in renewable assets. […]
Environmental Titbits
April 21, 2023

REGO’s/power trading/nuclear/condensed battery & focus on battery technologies

Here is a question for you: what do the following companies have in common: Deutsche […]
Environmental Titbits
April 14, 2023

Battery recycling/CCS/folding solar/algae & focus on Geothermal Energy Storage

Two stories today about drilling holes in the ground: This is just my view, but […]
Environmental Titbits
March 24, 2023

Green Day/solar/aquifer thermal storage/hydrogen/clothing & focus on SMR nuclear

Looking forward to “Green Day” where the Government responds to Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero Review […]
Environmental Titbits
March 17, 2023

CfD/budget/biodiversity/IMF & focus on hemp

The budget wasn’t all bad (see below), but it is quite depressing that the two […]
Environmental Titbits
March 10, 2023

Environmental Titbits – waste oil/energy storage/agrivoltaics/vertical farming/blue bonds & focus on electricity grids

At a time when the conversation in the UK is al about shortages of salad […]
Environmental Titbits
March 3, 2023

Rewilding/3D-printing/ocean cleanup/sodium batteries & focus on blue forests

Regular readers will see that battery tech stories are pretty frequent here, which points to […]
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