About us:


Established in 2005, LANCEA is a merger of complementary existing fund and corporate advisory businesses. The name LANCEA, Latin for “spear”, encapsulates its core objective – accessing investors

Based in London, LANCEA advises and raises capital for traditional and alternative asset fund managers as well as for younger, high growth corporates and for renewable energy infrastructure projects. We act on behalf of established and “emerging” fund managers as well as public and private companies, particularly those operating in the Technology, Environmental and Healthcare sectors.

We provide senior commitment for a limited number of fund manager and corporate clients each year. Investors covered are the full range of financial institutions, private wealth managers, family office, corporate and other sophisticated investors, including “high net worths”, predominantly based in the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe but also selectively in MENA, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

We extend our reach globally through our professional partnership network of informal alliances and relationships with similar firms across the world, thereby enhancing and supporting distribution to potential investors.

The LANCEA network also comprises a number of specialist corporate advisers who can support specific tasks or geographic assignments. Significant time is spent developing new relationships based on a common template.

We believe that this personalised model of building out and closely managing multiple channels of distribution, through joint ventures and agency relationships with suitable professional partners, is often more effective than a narrower, more centralised approach. Such partners are typically comprised of highly experienced individuals who have strong personal relationships on the ground with local investors, particularly specialised institutions, family offices and high net worths.

In every assignment, LANCEA seeks to optimise the selection and investment process for all negotiating parties.