Public market funds

LANCEA assists managers raising open ended funds investing across the liquid listed securities markets

We work with independent hedge fund and bespoke long only managers. As in the case of our private markets’ activities, we are continually looking for innovative approaches that can fit within investors’ portfolios.

As a third party marketer, our approach is to seek longer term marketing relationships with a few select funds, each with unique attributes. We have worked, and continue to work, with managers across the listed global equities and bonds spectrum, who execute a wide variety of strategies, including those with quant based strategies and those based on high conviction fundamental research.

Investor appetite, market opportunity, strategy and quality, track record of manager drives our selection. Impact and ESG considerations are becomingly increasingly important.

As with private markets funds, we seek to balance our client coverage between established funds seeking to diversify and access new investors with "emerging" managers, which encompass both "next generation" funds and "emerging market" funds.