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Fund managers and corporates should always consider using specialist advisers in fund raisings and other complex transactions as global financial markets have become dramatically more challenging with increased competition for scarce capital

Advisers such as LANCEA have established access to, and good working relationships with, investors not necessarily known to or identified by management or in house IR teams. As markets are dynamic, it is important to be constantly building new relationships and to be aware of changing interests and appetites amongst investors. One of our core roles is to understand prevailing market conditions, both at the macro and organisational levels.

Furthermore, without the benefit of well informed market expertise a significant erosion of value and opportunity cost may result: an adviser enables management teams to spend less time on fund raising and more time on investing, supporting portfolio companies and managing their business.

It is our experience that newer teams often under-estimate the drain on their managerial capacity from an unassisted fundraising exercise. Support from a recognised intermediary, such as LANCEA, also helps establish credibility in the marketplace.

LANCEA’s track record since 2005 in advising and raising capital for fund managers and corporates is available on request.