About us:

Depth and breadth of investor base

As a result of the maturity and experience of its partners across several financial markets, both debt and equity, private and public, LANCEA considers that it has a particularly broad and diversified investor base

These investor relationships, based on longstanding direct personal interactions, often have multiple entry points. This is especially important in the case of “emerging” managers as all routes to market need to be examined and a wide range of investor constituencies covered.

We provide a thorough understanding of the UK and European institutional, private wealth manager and family office investor base coupled with nearly three decades of experience advising fund managers on investments.

Categories of investors we cover include:

  • Corporate/strategic investors
  • Development Finance Institutions
  • Endowments, foundations and trusts
  • Financial/banking groups
  • Fund of Funds managers, advisers, consultants and gatekeepers
  • High net worth individuals
  • Insurance companies
  • Private and public pension funds
  • Private markets fund managers
  • Private wealth managers/multi-family offices
  • Public markets fund managers
  • Single family offices
  • Sovereign wealth funds