Batteries/grid/plastics/regenerative agriculture & focus on long-term storage

3rd May 2024

It would seem that, from this week’s stories, the network companies have been listening to Ed Milliband’s four horsement speach. COMPANY NEWS Microsoft and Brookfield Sign $10-Billion Renewable Power DealThe agreement is for bringing around 10.5 GW of solar and wind power between 2026 and 2030—a capacity that would cost over $10 billion to develop, … Read More

Anaerobic Digestion/zero bills/VAWT’s/solar in space & focus on Nuclear News

10th November 2023

This week we look into the future; a future full of offshore turbines leaning into the wind, solar panels in space, EV’s charging in 10 minutes and fusion reactors suppling our baseload… I’m not sure that all of these future scenarios will actually transpire, but maybe we won’t need them if the more prosaic technologies … Read More

Regenerative agriculture/Qilin battery/stellarators/LiDAR & focus on Biofilic Design

2nd June 2023

Lancea LLP has worked with Regenerate Asset Management so are delighted to see the announcement of the launch of the fund. We feel that there is scope for the further development of agriculture as an asset class and the increasing development of regenerative practises should accelerate this. COMPANY NEWS Regenerate launches first European regenerative agriculture … Read More

battery optimisation/solar/solid state batteries & focus on Sweden

21st October 2022

Enjoy a few minutes of politics free reading COMPANY NEWS Lloyds is UK’s first bank to shun fossil fuelsLloyds Banking Group has become the first full-service British bank to walk away from directly financing coal, oil and gas projects.New North Sea greenfield oil and gas developments permitted after 2021 now fall outside the banking group’s … Read More

infra-red heating/autonomous delivery/fossil-free fertiliser & focus on farming

17th January 2022

I had hoped to help bring some clarity around the brave new world of farming outside of the clutches of the CAP. Unfortunately I suspect that we haven’t got there yet and can only hope that soon all will become clear. Company news Schneider Electric acquires Zeigo PPA platformSchneider Electric has acquired start-up climate-tech platform … Read More