Heat pumps/nuclear/interconnectors/electrolyzer/magma chambers

12th January 2024

Welcome to Titbits 2024. To use a corny football commentators expression “this one could go either way”. The energy transition is now into territory where a draw doesn’t cut it any more. One thing that can be guaranteed, however, is that most weeks Titbits will continue to provide carefully curated news in bite-size chunks UK … Read More

recycled yarn/v2g/pumped hydro/microalgae & focus on electric planes

30th September 2022

I have had to add another section this week entitled “UK Politics”, for rather obvious reasons. I sincerely hope this is a temporary addition. Maybe you could cheer yourselves by watching a recommended documentary on the bbc about oil flaring, called “Under Poisoned Skies”. Not exactly cheerful, but watch it HERE COMPANY NEWS Gresham House … Read More