PPA’s/ECO3/virtual power plants/batteries/superalloys

10th February 2023

An interesting weekend read (HERE , if you have an FT subscription), is an article by John Burn-Murdoch about the inherent mis-nomer in British Conservation Areas, which do a great deal to protect buildings and quite the opposite when it comes to the natural environment. He quotes research by Professor Thiemo Fetzer from the University of … Read More

tidal/solar tiles/China & focus on heat pumps

28th March 2022

So, we have survived the Spring Statement, which could have been better but could have been worse. Now we need to see some proper green initiatives with money backing them from the Energy Security Strategy. Now that we can get loans and zero VAT for domestic heat pumps, I thought a quick buyers guide might … Read More

PPA’s / EV tarifs / Food / BECCS

8th February 2019

I know, I know, it’s not Thursday. My promise to deliver Titbits on a Thursday lasted all of one week. I failed to look at my diary when making the promise, but we shall be back on track next Thursday! One strangely encouraging piece of news: the appointment of WWF’s Tony Jupiter as the new … Read More