fuel cells/gigafactories/rare earth/heat stores & focus on South Africa

29th July 2022

Well, well, it looks like the Democrats have managed to get the Tax and Spend Bill through Congress! It took some nifty manoeuvring, which I don’t pretend to understand but this is highly significant in that it includes the biggest incentive programme for clean energy ever in the USA. With the US leading rather than … Read More

Low-carbon heating / Passivhaus / Batteries / Floating solar / Floating wind

21st March 2019

I definitely don’t want to start (another) political debate, but would draw attention to a post on the Green Alliance Blog questioning how effective has been the transfer of environmental legislation from the EU to UK statute book. HERE Company news Hyundai Motor Group invests $300M in India’s Ola Hyundai Motor Group and India-based Ola—one of … Read More