DRS/Beijing Auto Show/interconnectors/mCDR/batteries & focus on EU offshore wind

30th April 2024

I would recommend listening to Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell’s recent interview with Dieter Helm, the UK Economist and Government advisor on energy and the natural environment, in their podcast called Leading (HERE).One of the themes of the conversation was that we have to expand the way we look at the energy transition from a … Read More

Batteries/solar/wind/heat pumps/DRS/SMR & focus on EV charging

2nd February 2024

Focus is on EV charging this week. Whilst compiling it I got to wondering about whether the public charging network and charger availability is keeping up with EV ownership. I am guessing that quite a percentage of readers own an EV. My sense is that there is more competition for charger time than there was … Read More

Anaerobic Digestion/zero bills/VAWT’s/solar in space & focus on Nuclear News

10th November 2023

This week we look into the future; a future full of offshore turbines leaning into the wind, solar panels in space, EV’s charging in 10 minutes and fusion reactors suppling our baseload… I’m not sure that all of these future scenarios will actually transpire, but maybe we won’t need them if the more prosaic technologies … Read More

Synchronous condenser/biogas/green hydrogen/ccs & focus on NIA2

20th October 2023

There is some kind of irony that the developed world put the CO2 into the atmosphere and Africa takes it out (see below) COMPANY NEWS Siemens Energy to deploy ‘first’ synchronous condenser-BESS hybrid project in IrelandIt pairs a synchronous condenser, including a flywheel, capable of injecting 4000MW of inertia into the grid, and a large … Read More

Solar & rooftop solar/Bio-LNG/4-hr BESS/sustainable aviation fuel & focus on Biochar

24th September 2023

COMPANY NEWS Lazard Asset Management takes stake in rooftop solar companyRooftop solar developer and owner Shawton Energy has seen a change in ownership. Iona Capital, the UK low carbon sustainable fund manager, has sold its interest in the company to a fund sponsored by Lazard Asset Management. As a result of the transaction, Lazard’s Sustainable … Read More

Smart tariffs/CofE/biodiversity credits/phytoplankton/flywheel & focus on doom loops and tipping points

23rd June 2023

The whole spctrum of the energy transition in one week: Renewables – storage – smart grids – hydrogen planes – ethical investing – biodiversity & carbon credits – air pollution plus more. COMPANY NEWS Adaptogen’s battery fund nets £207m, over-subscribed by 18%Adaptogen Capital said this morning it has attracted £207 million of investors’ pledges to … Read More

Regenerative agriculture/Qilin battery/stellarators/LiDAR & focus on Biofilic Design

2nd June 2023

Lancea LLP has worked with Regenerate Asset Management so are delighted to see the announcement of the launch of the fund. We feel that there is scope for the further development of agriculture as an asset class and the increasing development of regenerative practises should accelerate this. COMPANY NEWS Regenerate launches first European regenerative agriculture … Read More