energy saving/solar facade/lithium & focus on new battery technologies

9th September 2022

What a week! It starts with a new PM who has shown little sign of recognising the urgency of net-zero actions, and finishes with a new king who has always been a keen friend to environmentalists. Will they behave to stereotype? Liz Truss’s energy policy needs plenty of detail fleshed out, but does at least … Read More

grid battery/green shipping/green hydrogen/lithium/thorium

26th August 2022

I return this week to a material that gets airtime every now and then: Thorium. The world might be a very different place if thorium was chosen rather than uranium to power nuclear reactors. I was led to believe that it was pressure from the military that swung the argument in favour of uranium, as … Read More

biomethane/phone masts/Germany/lithium & focus on COP wasn’t so bad

26th November 2021

COP26 achieved some good (see focus, below) and we now have a properly Green influenced German Government. Are we setting ourselves up for major disappointment? Company news Good Energy puts its power generation portfolio up for saleGood Energy has put its 47.5MW power generation portfolio up for sale, confirming its intention to transition away from … Read More

negative emissions/offshore wind/soil/lithium

28th May 2021

Good to see that the Electric Highway has been put out of its misery. A prime example of how being the first into a market does not guarantee that you are a winner Company news Drax and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries sign negative emissions project dealDrax Group and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engineering, part of Mitsubishi Heavy … Read More