Batteries/grid/plastics/regenerative agriculture & focus on long-term storage

3rd May 2024

It would seem that, from this week’s stories, the network companies have been listening to Ed Milliband’s four horsement speach. COMPANY NEWS Microsoft and Brookfield Sign $10-Billion Renewable Power DealThe agreement is for bringing around 10.5 GW of solar and wind power between 2026 and 2030—a capacity that would cost over $10 billion to develop, … Read More

Green hydrogen/geothermal/CCUS/city EV’s and focus on flexibility

5th April 2024

When all else in the world is failing, it is comforting to know that we now have fully recyclable crisp packets. UK NEWS Church of England Installs 438 Solar Panels on Kings College ChapelIn the BBC’s annual Christmas Carol TV broadcast, which has run regularly since 1963, the opening shot is an external view of … Read More

Heat pumps/ammonia/dispatch/flexibility/nature markets & focus on Pereskovite

22nd March 2024

The campaigns aimed at discrediting anything to do with the energy transition seem to have stepped up a gear, which is disappointing. Our small contribution to the fightback starts with the lengthy list of corrections to the misinformation surrounding heat pumps. I realise that some people have had underwhelming experiences with them, but that does … Read More

Synchronous condenser/biogas/green hydrogen/ccs & focus on NIA2

20th October 2023

There is some kind of irony that the developed world put the CO2 into the atmosphere and Africa takes it out (see below) COMPANY NEWS Siemens Energy to deploy ‘first’ synchronous condenser-BESS hybrid project in IrelandIt pairs a synchronous condenser, including a flywheel, capable of injecting 4000MW of inertia into the grid, and a large … Read More

CCS/hydrogen/cheapest EV/ERW & focus on Flexibility

6th October 2023

The third quarter in the UK saw record renewable generation once again, according to figures by EnAppSys: wind, solar, hydro and biomass together contributed 26.2 Terrawatt hours in the quarter. The increase was driven by 16TWh of wind power and also wholesale prices fell y/y by 12%. The Energy Transition continues to roll. COMPANY NEWS … Read More