blue hydrogen/fracking/EGS/private equity & focus on virtual power plants

16th September 2022

Does the Government really want to restart fracking in their Red Wall constituencies, or is it all just a ruse, a virtual stick to poke us Woke-y’s with? COMPANY NEWS Iberdrola sells share of wind farm for €700mIberdrola has signed an agreement with Swiss investment firm Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP) for the sale of a … Read More

grid battery/green shipping/green hydrogen/lithium/thorium

26th August 2022

I return this week to a material that gets airtime every now and then: Thorium. The world might be a very different place if thorium was chosen rather than uranium to power nuclear reactors. I was led to believe that it was pressure from the military that swung the argument in favour of uranium, as … Read More

gigafactories/hydrogen/ocean batteries & focus on ammonia

27th January 2022

It is a relief to see that BritishVolt has raised it’s first round. Unlike most startups they have managed to persuade investors of the idea that “build it and customers will come”. They probably will, but it is rare to see so much money raised without a firm orders. Must be a bull market Company … Read More


18th June 2021

One has to admire the Climate Change Committee. They are not afraid to apply a cattle prod to the posterior of this lackadaisical government Company news Drax joins with Bechtel to seek bioenergy CCS projectsDrax has joined with engineering, construction and project management company Bechtel to identify opportunities to construct new ‘bioenergy with carbon capture … Read More

ETS/gigafactories/palm oil/abandonned oil wells

3rd March 2021

Some of these oil companies and hydrogen stories leave me wondering whether there isn’t another distraction strategy at work, rather like companies promising to invest into CCS over the years Company news ENGIE and INEOS team up for hydrogen pilot projectENGIE and INEOS are teaming up for a pilot project to replace natural gas with … Read More

gigafactory/geothermal/bitcoin/solid state batteries & focus of shipping

19th February 2021

Another week of wildly varying news: Wild weather in Texas, the pandemic’s second wave starts to retreat (hopefully), The US rejoins the Paris Accord and an EV is scooting around in a dried up lake on Mars. For me an interesting theme over the last few weeks is that Big Oil companies are looking at … Read More