fuel cells/gigafactories/rare earth/heat stores & focus on South Africa

29th July 2022

Well, well, it looks like the Democrats have managed to get the Tax and Spend Bill through Congress! It took some nifty manoeuvring, which I don’t pretend to understand but this is highly significant in that it includes the biggest incentive programme for clean energy ever in the USA. With the US leading rather than … Read More

Capacity Market/hydrogen/hemp/solar cells & focus on Energy Storage

25th February 2022

As if the world wasn’t divided enough the arguments rage now between those who think fracking is the answer to the energy crisis and those who want more renewables to reduce dependency on unreliable sources. I don’t need to suggest which side of that chasm Titbits sits on but there is a good summary of … Read More

biomethane/geothermal/fuel cell & focus on solar supply chain integrity

14th May 2021

We have all heard that the recovery from the pandemic will be a great opportunity to “build back greener”. Governments all over the world have proclaimed this as a silver lining to the misery of the last 18 months, but which countries are actually delivering on this promise? This chart from the Oxford Global Recovery … Read More

Hydrogen funding/hot rocks/extreme E & focus on regenerative agriculture

21st February 2020

The week where two of the world’s richest men throw their pocket money at their favourite causes. Not sure either has completely thought through the ramifications. Although the announcement by Jeff Bezos to give $10bn to fighting climate change is welcome, as Politico says (HERE) is he part of the solution or part of the … Read More

Concentrating solar / Zipcar / Compressed air / Fuel cells

21st February 2019

This week I focus on those august documents that are Energy Outlook reports. Two of the best known are the IEA report and the BP report. Most leading environmental experts find it hard to control their exasperation at way that these so consistently underestimate the impact of renewables. It is hard to ignore the suspicion … Read More