rooftop solar/curtailment/battery efficiency/flooding & focus on food waste

10th June 2022

My wife showed me a piece this week in Remodelista about a gorgeous off-grid hut in Majorca HERE which included a novel power system: In fact the architect, Mariana de Delás makes an interesting point: the wheelbarrow contains power banks which run all electrical requirements in the hut, which involves wheeling the power to the user.. … Read More

food waste/offshore wind/CCS & focus on the IEA 2020

16th October 2020

According to WRAP food waste contributes 6x the greenhouse gas emissions that aviation does. That came as a surprise to me. Company news Lightsource bp completes financing on Bighorn SolarLightsource bp has successfully closed on a $285 million financing package for its Bighorn Solar project, which will be located on EVRAZ Rocky Mountain Steel mill … Read More