DRS/Beijing Auto Show/interconnectors/mCDR/batteries & focus on EU offshore wind

30th April 2024

I would recommend listening to Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell’s recent interview with Dieter Helm, the UK Economist and Government advisor on energy and the natural environment, in their podcast called Leading (HERE).One of the themes of the conversation was that we have to expand the way we look at the energy transition from a … Read More

Solar thermal/rooftop solar/HVO/methane/volcano/perovskite solar

13th January 2023

COMPANY NEWS UK solar innovator Naked Energy continues European expansion with new partnershipsBritish solar thermal design and engineering company Naked Energy has announced further international expansion after partnering with two leading European engineering-led firms.Portuguese business Tech4Food will now offer Naked Energy’s cutting-edge solar thermal and photovoltaic thermal (PVT) products as part of its engineering solutions … Read More

hemp/floating wind/Greece/concrete & focus on Singapore

14th October 2022

Jacob Rees-Mogg had a lot to say about renewables this week, and was accused of talking in a “word salad”. Actually I think there was some sense in what he was trying to say, which was that the Government was trying to encourage renewables owners who have assets on the old ROC and FiT based … Read More

electrolysers/ccs/waste-to-fuel & focus on UK nuclear power costs

20th May 2022

One beneficiary of the change in views on energy costs and energy security has been sentiment towards nuclear power. My “focus” today may serve as a reminder that nuclear is a far from perfect solution especially as regards costs Company news 5MW gigastack project awarded £9.3m in UK Government fundingITM Power announced it had won … Read More

floating wind/green hydrogen/greenwashing/hot sand

9th September 2021

This, smaller than usual Titbits is beamed to you from the Fully Charged OUTSIDE show at Farnborough International Conference Centre. I would strongly recommend a trip to it over the weekend. It is full of EV’s and gave me the first sighting of the Tesla Model Y (big, definitely a SUV), The Hyundai Ioniq 5 … Read More

Low-carbon heating / Passivhaus / Batteries / Floating solar / Floating wind

21st March 2019

I definitely don’t want to start (another) political debate, but would draw attention to a post on the Green Alliance Blog questioning how effective has been the transfer of environmental legislation from the EU to UK statute book. HERE Company news Hyundai Motor Group invests $300M in India’s Ola Hyundai Motor Group and India-based Ola—one of … Read More