DRS/Beijing Auto Show/interconnectors/mCDR/batteries & focus on EU offshore wind

30th April 2024

I would recommend listening to Rory Stewart and Alistair Campbell’s recent interview with Dieter Helm, the UK Economist and Government advisor on energy and the natural environment, in their podcast called Leading (HERE).One of the themes of the conversation was that we have to expand the way we look at the energy transition from a … Read More

Green hydrogen/geothermal/CCUS/city EV’s and focus on flexibility

5th April 2024

When all else in the world is failing, it is comforting to know that we now have fully recyclable crisp packets. UK NEWS Church of England Installs 438 Solar Panels on Kings College ChapelIn the BBC’s annual Christmas Carol TV broadcast, which has run regularly since 1963, the opening shot is an external view of … Read More

Heat pumps/ammonia/dispatch/flexibility/nature markets & focus on Pereskovite

22nd March 2024

The campaigns aimed at discrediting anything to do with the energy transition seem to have stepped up a gear, which is disappointing. Our small contribution to the fightback starts with the lengthy list of corrections to the misinformation surrounding heat pumps. I realise that some people have had underwhelming experiences with them, but that does … Read More

Batteries/solar/wind/heat pumps/DRS/SMR & focus on EV charging

2nd February 2024

Focus is on EV charging this week. Whilst compiling it I got to wondering about whether the public charging network and charger availability is keeping up with EV ownership. I am guessing that quite a percentage of readers own an EV. My sense is that there is more competition for charger time than there was … Read More

Lidar/flexibility/wind/bacteria/hot rocks thermal & focus on the Supreme Court

12th May 2023

Life in the UK can hardly get more exciting: a coronation one weekend, the Eurovision the next! In the spirit of the current weirdly camp national mood I would draw your attention to an entertaining video produced by Vattenfall to promote the only by-product from the manufacture of Green Hydrogen, namely water. They enlist supermodel … Read More

Capacity Market/hydrogen/hemp/solar cells & focus on Energy Storage

25th February 2022

As if the world wasn’t divided enough the arguments rage now between those who think fracking is the answer to the energy crisis and those who want more renewables to reduce dependency on unreliable sources. I don’t need to suggest which side of that chasm Titbits sits on but there is a good summary of … Read More