Inductive charging/batteries/biomass strategy/electric trucks

25th August 2023

There is something so dysfunctional at work. Surely any sane government would be proclaiming loudly that, according to its own research, by 2025 gas power will be three times the price of solar or wind. Not here it doesn’t. COMPANY NEWS Enerkem and Technip Energies sign MOU to promote waste to biofuels techA new partnership … Read More

ev charging/hydrogen/fusion/68%/pereskovite solar

4th December 2020

Another exciting new mnemonic for the lexicon: NDC, or “nationally determined contribution”. All the signatories to the Paris Agreement are meant to announce their pledge by the year end. As host next year it was important that we lead from the front. Credit where it is due, we have with a commitment to reduce emissions … Read More

climate change / office efficiency / robot chargers / school busses & focus on Australian Renewables

17th January 2020

Pleasing to see three corporate heavyweights stirring themselves on Climate Change. Company news World’s biggest fund manager vows to divest from thermal coal BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, has announced it will put sustainability at the heart of its investment decisions. In his annual letter to chief executives, the BlackRock boss, Larry Fink, writes … Read More

EV Charging / LCOE / Hydrogen / 11,000 scientists / Seaweed

8th November 2019

Company news Pivot eyeing EV partnerships after EDF deal Pivot Power has said it wants to work with the EV charging sector and deliver it scalable power infrastructure following its acquisition by EDF.Speaking to Current±, Pivot chief executive Matt Allen said that the deal had been in the works since the start of the year, with … Read More

We look at the battle between Gas and Renewables, there will be only one winner. We look at some of the exciting early stage companies on show at the annual Ashden Awards

12th July 2019

It feels like there is endless talk in our industry of “transitions” and “tipping points”. However, imagine our surprise when POTUS (can’t bring myself to say his name) steps up and almost acknowledges the issues relating to Climate Change (he still can’t bring himself to say it). Give it six months and he will be … Read More

Batteries show that they are good at Triad avoidance. Siemens Gamesa Proudly unveilthe world’s first Electrothermal Energy Storage system. Volcanic rock is the medium. Bloomberg New Energy Outlook once again upgrades forecasts for renewables.

21st June 2019

Not sure which way to look this week. Canada ratifies tar sands pipeline whilst declaring climate emergency. UK Government refuses to help fast fashion circular economy, yet produces great numbers on carbon intensity in energy generation. Australia gives go ahead to Andana mine Company news Second life battery firm Connected Energy lands £5m investment Connected … Read More

ULEZ / Plastic to hydrogen / EV charging / Floating cities / Jet fuel

12th April 2019

Welcome to Ultra Low Emision Zone (ULEZ) London! It will be interesting to see quite how much it might change behaviours, and how quickly other cities adopt similar measures Company news Vortex Energy completes the sale of stake in 998MW wind portfolio Vortex Energy has completed the sale of its 49% stake in a 998MW … Read More