PPA’s/ECO3/virtual power plants/batteries/superalloys

10th February 2023

An interesting weekend read (HERE , if you have an FT subscription), is an article by John Burn-Murdoch about the inherent mis-nomer in British Conservation Areas, which do a great deal to protect buildings and quite the opposite when it comes to the natural environment. He quotes research by Professor Thiemo Fetzer from the University of … Read More

IEA/wind turbine blades/hydrogen/lithium metal

21st May 2021

Regular readers will know the exasperation that each successive report from the IEA generates. Every year they have to upgrade their forecasts for renewables sales and downgrade the costs. Imagine our surprise when they finally stop playing catch-up and publish their Net-Zero roadmap (see below). Do not underestimate the significance of this. Despite their failings … Read More