ID.3 / Solar plus storage / AI and emissions / Capacity Market / Trainers

10th May 2019

VW received 10,000 reservations for the ID.3 in the first 24 hours (see story below). Not quite up to the 113,000 Tesla managed with the Model 3, but better that expected. The VW Golf has never needed Elon Musk fairy dust, so hopefully nor will the ID.3 Company news Siemens sells off power division Siemens … Read More

Water security / Marine emissions / Storage in rocks / Subsidies

31st January 2019

I don’t tamper often with the format for Titbits, but have decided, at least for a while, to follow advice from a few sources suggesting that it might be preferable to put out the weekly some time other than Friday evening. I am therefore going to try running it on a Thursday, with an objective … Read More