Cathodes/geothermal/ev charging/CO2 battery/wetlands & focus on tidal power

25th November 2022

If the objective is to confuse us, they have certainly succeeded. Which leading member of our government is in favour of onshore wind and which is against and which similar for ground mounted solar. I am very confused about something which should have been beyond doubt years ago. It is painful to watch. COMPANY NEWS … Read More

battery optimisation/solar/solid state batteries & focus on Sweden

21st October 2022

Enjoy a few minutes of politics free reading COMPANY NEWS Lloyds is UK’s first bank to shun fossil fuelsLloyds Banking Group has become the first full-service British bank to walk away from directly financing coal, oil and gas projects.New North Sea greenfield oil and gas developments permitted after 2021 now fall outside the banking group’s … Read More

energy saving/solar facade/lithium & focus on new battery technologies

9th September 2022

What a week! It starts with a new PM who has shown little sign of recognising the urgency of net-zero actions, and finishes with a new king who has always been a keen friend to environmentalists. Will they behave to stereotype? Liz Truss’s energy policy needs plenty of detail fleshed out, but does at least … Read More

rooftop solar/curtailment/battery efficiency/flooding & focus on food waste

10th June 2022

My wife showed me a piece this week in Remodelista about a gorgeous off-grid hut in Majorca HERE which included a novel power system: In fact the architect, Mariana de Delás makes an interesting point: the wheelbarrow contains power banks which run all electrical requirements in the hut, which involves wheeling the power to the user.. … Read More

vertical farms/biomethane/IPCC/redox flow batteries

4th March 2022

Company news Green Investment Group launches specialist offshore wind divisionCorio Generation will commence operations next month with a project pipeline of more than 15 gigawatts (GW), one of the largest in the world.A GIG portfolio company, operating on a standalone basis, Corio will take projects from origination, through development and construction, and into operations.It will … Read More

gigafactories/hydrogen/ocean batteries & focus on ammonia

27th January 2022

It is a relief to see that BritishVolt has raised it’s first round. Unlike most startups they have managed to persuade investors of the idea that “build it and customers will come”. They probably will, but it is rare to see so much money raised without a firm orders. Must be a bull market Company … Read More

carbon prices/ccs/green amonia/big batteries

17th December 2021

It seems like only last week that we were celebrating the EU carbon price touching €80. This week it touched €90 briefly. This FT article highlights the cause and effect of gas crisis necessitating a shift back to coal, which leads to an increase in demand for credits, thus a price spike in carbon and rise … Read More

heat pumps/carbon capture/carbonomics & focus on LFP vs Li-ion batteries

19th November 2021

Telstra story is interesting. I hope that Telco’s moving into energy services is more successful than their move into media twenty years ago Company news Morrisons acquires ‘significant stake’ in soft plastics plantMorrisons said the plant in Fife has an “initial capacity” of 15,000 tonnes and will process hard-to-recycle soft plastic – including chocolate wrappers, … Read More