Pascal has spent his career building businesses from start-up. For Salomon Brothers and the Nomura in London, Pascal conceived and developed the European equity advisory businesses. Hired by Credit Lyonnais to turn around its European equity operations, Pascal anticipated the technology trend, forming a very successful high growth and technology broking group. By 2000, Pascal had created a venture investment and advisory vehicle within Credit Lyonnais UK to co-invest in early stage technology companies while mentoring them on strategic development and funding strategies. Pascal co-founded LANCEA in 2005, running corporate advisory services and venture consulting to several corporates and family offices, while remaining an active business angel. Pascal is an IC member for Isomer Capital, a European venture fund of funds group he has advised since inception. Pascal has significant knowledge of institutional investors in both public and private markets in the UK and Continental Europe. Pascal has an MBA from The Wharton School.

Focus: Technology, Corporates