Lancea has the collective experience to advise companies, both public and private, operating in any sector, but has a specialist knowledge base in the Environmental and TMT sectors.

In particular, the following industry sub-sectors are of special interest where there is dedicated resource in-house:

– Waste to Energy
– Biomass
– Energy efficiency
– Wind/solar power
– 21st century agriculture (greenhouses, aquaponics etc)

Achieving a cleaner future is as much about enablement as well as embracing new technologies. To this end, we devote resources to raising funds both for cleantech projects, and assisting in the rollout of these projects, as well as in the businesses themselves.

Lancea also publishes a weekly email called Environmental Titbits, a brief compilation of news concerning the environmental industries as seen from financial perspective.

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The Lancea team comprises several individuals with a track record of technology business IPOs, and more recently, earlier stage fund raisings for companies ranging from social media start ups to mobile payment service providers.

Healthcare advisory offering targeted and bespoke solutions. The following subsectors are of special interest:

– Biotech
– Diagnostics/Digital Health
– Medtech
– Pharma

We focus on:

– investments & fundraising
– Transactions, implementations and strategic advice/business development
– Technology scouting
– Technology/company acquisitions and divestments