Primary fund raising
Lancea balances its focus between established funds seeking to diversify and access new investors and “emerging” managers, which encompass both “next generation” funds and “emerging market” funds. We have experience with a wide range of private equity-related investment strategies, including fund-of-funds, buyout, growth, real estate, venture, infrastructure, credit/mezzanine strategies, distressed debt/private equity and turnaround as well as sector focussed, “special situations” and other types of niche funds.

“Next generation” managers typically range from first time funds through to third and even, in certain cases, fourth time funds. “Emerging market” funds operate exclusively outside the US and Western Europe and are typically independent of the large “global” multi-asset class private equity sponsor groups.

For “emerging” managers, a qualified adviser with a real understanding of the market dynamics facing such funds and the range of options available can bring substantial added value. Close relationships, particularly with specialist institutions, family offices and high net worths, can be crucial as they are more natural supporters of “emerging” managers, being often less constrained by internal mandate or policy issues and usually quicker to make decisions.

Secondary transactions
Lancea works with all types of investors, limited partnership interests, fund assets and investment strategies, ranging from mature buyout funds through to younger venture funds. The key aim is to enable sellers and purchasers satisfy their respective objectives through the designing of creative solutions.