There are considerable overlaps in the target investor audiences for fund raisings on behalf of alternative asset funds, particularly emerging funds, and younger commercial companies, with investors tending to be centred around specialist institutions, family offices and high net worths. By interacting with such investors for both funds and direct deals stronger relationships are forged, multiple entry points established resulting in a better understanding of an investor’s strategy, idiosyncracies and process.

Furthermore, close similarities exist in the preparation and marketing processes for institutionally robust fundraisings for funds and commercial companies. These common aspects mean that Lancea is thoroughly ingrained in the informational, timeline and process requirements, as well as on situations needing judgement calls, for all types of fundraisings targeting the broadest possible range of financial investors. This enhances Lancea’s ability to provide realistic advice on fundraisings, thereby maximising the chances of successful transactions.

Intimate knowledge of the secondary markets in the private equity and real estate asset classes also enable us to provide bespoke, creative solutions to primary fundraisings. Conversely, familiarity with the appetite of primary fund investors for secondary assets significantly widens the potential range of buyers in the secondary markets.

Investor synergies
Marketing synergies
Primary and secondary opportunities.