Senior commitment
Lancea’s partners are directly involved in all aspects of the assignment, from performing initial due diligence to closing the transaction. One partner is responsible for managing each assignment and works closely with other members of the team and network partners. Where necessary, external expertise for specific tasks can be sought and managed through the Lancea network.

By virtue of its operating model, we are highly flexible and can provide the full range of advisory and placement services, from the complete “hands-on” service to more limited distribution assignments, as well as undertaking strategic and financial advisory work such as business planning, structuring advice and/or materials preparation.

Alignment of interest
We take care to ensure that our interests and those of our clients are fully aligned. This objective is met by limiting the number of assignments we take on in order to minimise capacity constraints as well as structuring the scope of services provided and economic arrangements appropriately.

Long term relationships
We seek to establish enduring relationships with a select number of clients over many cycles and fund raisings. We also recognise that rewards can take time to mature, particularly with emerging funds and younger commercial companies.

Lancea, as an independently owned firm, is free from the conflicts of interest and group pressures, potential high staff turnover etc that occur within larger institutionally owned, multi-service firms.